walk of fame

Welcome to Madison County’s Heritage Walk of Fame

The idea and a portion of funding for the Heritage Walk of Fame came from the Madison County Historical Society. Sponsors also have helped to fund this symbol of Madison County’s unique history. The purpose of the plaques is to memorialize the achievements of deceased persons who have had a significant impact on Madison County’s heritage. Commemorative bronze plaques are 18” x 21” with inscriptions. They are embedded in colored concrete and located on the sidewalk around the courthouse. The number at the top of each plaque corresponds to the same number in this educational brochure (tour guide). An image and brief information about the person is provided by each number. A plaque ceremony is held annually on August 22nd.



The Madison County Historical Society donated a plaque for the Daniel Boone Statue, which rests on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, commemorating Daniel Boone's historical significance to Madison County.  EKU President Doug Whitlock accepted the plaque on behalf of the University.  It was presented by Dr. Charles Hay on behalf of the Historical Society.  The event was held at the statue in front of the Keene Johnson Building on November 2, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.  Dr. Skip Daugherty, Coordinator of University Events, guided the activities.